C1 Connections

C1 Wedge Connection

The continuous growth in turbine size combined with harsher locations has pushed the limits of conventional bolted flanges and grouted connections.

The Wedge Connection is the robust alternative. It is maintenance free with a load capacity that outperforms all conventional connections. Meanwhile it allows for safe, HSE friendly installation while driving down CAPEX.

The Wedge Connection can be used for bottom fixed and floating wind turbines, both above and below water and is perfectly suited for floating installation.

C1 Wedge Connection installation


Thousands of hours of testing together with specialized institutes, show that the fatigue resistance of the C1 Wedge Connection is as high as a welded connection. The ultimate capacity of the C1 Wedge Connection outperforms alternatives in the industry.


C1 Wedge Connection installation

The C1 Wedge Connection is HSE friendly and does not require manual handling of heavy components or tools. Assembling the connection can be done safely without personnel present below the load.

Cost Effective

Competitive CAPEX levels and the absence for the need to inspect, makes the C1 Wedge Connection the most competitive connection available, driving down the LCOE.

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