CAPEX Savings

The design of the C1 Wedge Connection™ allows for significant savings on primary and on secondary steel. With monopiles going to deeper water the wave loading on foundations becomes more and more a design driver requiring additional steel at mudline-level. The C1 Wedge Connection™ allows smaller diameter interfaces and thereby a significant reduction of these wave loads reducing the monopile weight.

A typical example of a saving on primary steel is the air-tight platform ring that is typically placed in monopiles. These air-tight platform rings allow for a platform to be placed inside the monopile sealing it off from the corrosive air below the platform. Typically, these platforms rests on large rings that protrude inwards further than the L-flange above allowing the platforms to be lowered through the L-flange onto these rings. These welded rings need to survive pile driving, as a result their construction is very expensive. The slender design of the C1 Wedge Connection™ does not have any significant inward protruding rings allowing large savings on such details.

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