Easy to install

Foundation installation

Elaborate studies show that foundations with the C1 Wedge Connection™ can be perfectly installed with conventional impact hammers. The slender design of the C1 Wedge Connection™ also allows vibratory hammers to clamp on to a C1 Wedge Connection™ effortlessly. The large internal diameter that can be achieved with a Wedge Connection allows easy access of tools such as drills to be used in challenging ground conditions. Lifting tools can make use of the holes in the lower tubular allowing for safe lifting of monopiles and jackets.

Installation tools

The C1 Wedge Connection™ does not require heavy equipment for the installation. In very little time the connection can be made with all tools and components within HSE allowable weight limits. Fewer bolts of significantly smaller size can be used instead of the very large bolts needed in L-flanges.

Floating installation

The design of the C1 Wedge Connection™ allows safe and fast installation from jack-ups as well as floating installation vessels. In several steps the movement of the lifted upper part can be aligned properly with the lower tubular even with significant movements between the two. Following initial contact, the tubulars can be locked in place and disconnected from the crane. All these operations can be performed without people below a suspended load.


Simplified sea-fastening is an additional benefit of the C1 Wedge Connection™ allowing transition pieces, tower sections and even fully assembled WTG’s to be fixated upright on deck of installation vessels and transport barges. The sea-fastening can be tightened very fast with light tools while quick (dis)connection can be done remotely operated.

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