Designing the connection

What we can do for you

We supply C1 Fasteners for the C1 Wedge Connection and developed the technology in the recent years.

With our extensive knowledge of the C1 Wedge Connection we can provide support for the design and fabrication of the C1 Wedge Connection.

We have created analytical design tools, a design basis, and a design brief that provide a guideline for the design of the C1 Wedge Connection.

The high capacity connection for the future of wind power

Design Process

We have developed a structured design process that can be followed to design a C1 Wedge Connection. This process has been summarized in a Design Basis and a Design Brief that are approved by DNV.

The design basis defines the starting points for the design. This document is generally completed by the Wind Park owner, or OEM.

The design brief describes the methodologies that are adopted in the detailed structural design of the C1 Wedge Connection.

Both documents can be shared upon request and C1 Connections can provide training on how to design the connection.

Design Tools

We have developed an analytical design tool that can be used to define the geometry of the connection based on a ULS overturning moment.

Furthermore, a numerical design tool is under development together with an experienced Offshore Wind Engineering Company.

Fabricating Flanges

C1 Connections works together with GRI (Gestamp Renewable Industries) to develop knowledge on efficiently producing the Upper and the Lower flange of the C1 Wedge Connection.

Several connections have already been produced and we can provide support, together with GRI, to fabricate flanges for your project