C1 Connections shows their MP-TP connection to the public at Wind Europe Electric City in Copenhagen

At Wind Europe Electric City C1 Connections will reveal their market ready solution for MP-TP and Foundation-Tower connections.

Following years of development C1 Connections shows the market ready solution of the C1 Wedge Connection to the market for the first time. Together with GRI Flanges, C1 Connections can now offer an alternative for the conventional Bolted L-flanges to the industry.

“By now being able to offer the solution as a one-on-one alternative to the traditional bolted L-flange allows customers to make a direct comparison. For higher loaded connections this results in direct and large CAPEX savings. Additionally speed of installation and safety of installation increases”.

Jasper Winkes, Managing Director, C1 Connections B.V.
C1 connections one-on-one alternative to the traditional bolted L-flange shown at Wind Europe Electric City in Copenhagen.

The C1 Wedge Connection™ is a high-capacity, low-maintenance connection that can be installed in a fast and safe manner. It can be used both in off- and onshore wind turbines as an 

About C1 Connections B.V.

C1 Connections BV is a Dutch privately-owned company dedicated to developing and commercially exploiting the C1 Wedge Connection™. C1 Connections BV strives to deploy the C1 Wedge Connection as the future standard for highly loaded connections in off- and onshore wind projects.


For more information on the C1 Wedge Connection™, please contact:

Jasper Winkes

+31 6 27367351