C1 Connections successfully performs full-scale test with the C1 Wedge Connection™

C1 Connections B.V. has successfully performed a full-scale test with the C1 Wedge Connection™.

The C1 Wedge Connection™ is a high-capacity, low-maintenance connection that can be installed in a fast and safe manner. It can be used both in off- and onshore wind turbines as an alternative to bolted flange connections currently used in tubular steel wind turbine towers and foundations. The C1 Wedge Connection™ is currently being developed in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa and Delft University.

Production, installation and behaviour of the connection were tested at full scale. Results show that the C1 Wedge Connection™ can be installed much faster than conventional bolted flange connections.

Watch the full-scale test C1 Wedge Connections™

In April 2019, C1 Connections began cooperating with Siemens Gamesa and Delft University to further develop the C1 Wedge Connection™ for application in wind turbine substructures. This development has received funding from the Dutch Government Agency RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland).

Already in 2018, an earlier research project -which was also financially supported by RVO-, demonstrated that the C1 Wedge Connection™ has much higher load capacity and significantly better fatigue resistance than conventional flanged connections. This is especially relevant in a context of ever-growing turbine sizes and increasing turbine loads. C1 Connections will, together with Siemens Gamesa and Delft University of Technology, continue its development towards market-readiness.

“We are thrilled with the results of the full-scale test. We have proven that the technology can withstand extreme loads where the current bolted L-flange is already reaching its limit. Moreover, the C1 Wedge Connection™ allows the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX while making installation considerably faster and safer.”

Jasper Winkes, Managing Director C1 Connections B.V.

About C1 Connections B.V.

C1 Connections BV is a Dutch privately-owned company dedicated to developing and commercially exploiting the C1 Wedge Connection™. C1 Connections BV strives to deploy the C1 Wedge Connection™ as the future standard for highly loaded connections in off- and onshore wind projects.


For more information on the C1 Wedge Connection™, please contact:

Jasper Winkes

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