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Applying the C1 Wedge Connection

We supply fasteners for the C1 Wedge Connection™ and assist wind farm developers, design houses, contractors, and fabricators to design and fabricate the tubular steel parts that, together with the fasteners, form the C1 Wedge Connection™. The tubular parts can be produced at many locations around the world making the C1 Wedge Connection™ perfectly suited for delivering on the local content criteria.

The high capacity connection for the future of wind power

C1 Fastener

Creating a preloaded connection

All fasteners are designed and build to order using our flexible and highly automated production lines. Each fastener design is optimized for your project.

On request, our in-house engineering team can also develop tailor-made solutions for clients for specific solutions such as sea-fastening.

C1 Fastener

Quick Connect system

The C1 Wedge Connection™ can be delivered with a quick connect system that secures the two flanges of the connection within seconds via remote control operation.

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